What Does a Medical Spa Nurse Do?

A medical spa nurse is a registered nurse who works in the beauty industry, helping doctors and specialists care for patients undergoing medical procedures and recovering from them. They can be found in outpatient plastic surgery centers, medical spas, and dermatology centers. As a medical spa nurse, their job is to perform non-surgical cosmetic procedures for clients. This may involve injections, fillers, or laser treatments, and they may be asked to assist a doctor with complex treatments. In addition to performing treatments, medical spas emphasize comfort and luxury, so medical spa nurses must demonstrate outstanding customer service skills at all times.

They are responsible for assessing client suitability for treatments, suggesting alternatives when the original request is not suitable, educating clients about pre- and post-treatment care plans, and traveling between facilities as needed. Most medical spa treatments are performed on the same day as the client requests them. Yes, medical spa nurses can administer Botox to patients as a cosmetic medical procedure under the supervision of a physician. Unlike the high-risk atmosphere experienced by ICU or emergency nurses, aesthetic nurses usually work in medical spas, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, or private offices. With cold cucumber slices resting on their eyes, soft terry robes with belts around the waist, and perfectly serene behaviors, medical spa nurses have it all.

In these environments, they work in discrete settings that may seem much more informal than in a sterile health center. Courses range from a simple weekend course to two weeks where medical professionals can obtain certification in Botox injection and other cosmetic medical procedures. Rather than working in high-risk environments such as ICUs or emergency rooms, aesthetic nurses typically work in outpatient medical clinics, medical spas, private practices, and occasionally in outpatient surgery centers. It may also be helpful to talk to a medical company that sells botox or fillers to doctors and medical spas. In some cases, patients seek treatment for medical purposes; in others, procedures can provide a confidence boost and a more youthful appearance.

Fulfilling the duties of a medical spa RN requires excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and a willingness to learn new procedures. Most patients seeking this type of treatment are women; however, men are increasingly seeking these treatments as well. This further increases the demand for aesthetic medical procedures. We offer tailored solutions for skin medical and aesthetic purposes that are results-oriented and backed by science. Nurses working in medical aesthetics can see the improvements that their treatments provide and witness the increased confidence patients gain in achieving their individual aesthetic goals. While some may thrive on the high-risk adrenaline rush of an emergency medicine setting, others may feel overwhelmed or find that the stress of such a specialty is detrimental to their general health or family life.

In fact, aesthetic nurses get as much from working for the medical aesthetic industry as they do for their patients. By searching online for medical spa nursing jobs, you are much closer to joining the ranks of a much less stressed group of nurses. Lasers are used in dermatology and other areas of medical practice to remove hair or surface layers of skin.

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