The Most Popular Spa Treatments: A Guide

Ninety percent of respondents said they would rather get a massage during a spa visit. Aromatherapy is one of the most popular massage treatments, best known for the use of essential oils to increase relaxation. Aromatherapy can only be performed by a trained professional, using different scented essential oils to suit the individual preferences and requirements of the customer. Did you know that men represent 31% of those who go to the spa? Did you know that the most common spa packages offered are for men, with 45% of US spas offering these types of packages? By incorporating simple, male-friendly scents such as sandalwood, mustard seed, eucalyptus and thyme, spas can successfully market to men. Mud therapy, hammam beds and saunas are relaxation techniques that have existed for many years.

Nowadays, they are becoming popular every day as more people realize their benefits. Massages are probably the most popular spa treatments, with a variety of styles offered. Swedish massage is the most common method. The therapist uses massage oil to facilitate the massage with long, gentle movements and covers the parts of the body that are not massaged with a sheet.

Sometimes oils incorporate aromatherapy to further aid relaxation. Pregnancy massages are Swedish massages that are performed specifically to help relieve muscle tension in the expectant mother's lower back, shoulders and legs. The word “spa” is derived from water, so it's surprising that water-based spa treatments are often overlooked. For those who are willing to sacrifice a little pain to look better, waxing and depilation are popular options in spas. The jacuzzi is perhaps the best-known version of “hydrotherapy”, but there are more and more water treatments such as Hammam rituals, Vichy showers and Watsu showers, a trend on the rise, especially in hotel spas. The complete set of scented ear wax candles comes in the perfect size for treatments, which is 0.68cm x 9.9cm.

Healing stones influenced by Aztec culture provide deep muscle relaxation, and a Thai herbal heat treatment uses steam compresses filled with aromatic lime, turmeric and lemongrass to relieve pain. The popularity of this process, which involves taking long walks in the woods, is expected to continue in the coming years. Sometimes a steam treatment directs a stream of hot, moist air toward the face to loosen the skin and allow whiteheads and blackheads to be easily removed. While there are many specialty spas that offer unique treatments such as seaweed wraps, when you go to a spa there are several general face and body treatments you can expect. If your client is in desperate need of some affection, a hot stone therapy session is the perfect massage treatment to recommend. A Vichy shower is a unique aquatic therapy that invigorates your body while you rest under powerful jets of water, inspired by the treatments used in the French city of Vichy.

Massage therapy may include the popular Swedish massage, deep tissue treatments that can relieve arthritis, sports massages for total contact recovery, and hot stone massage. Each has its own therapeutic benefits and essential oils, allowing you to customize the treatment if you wish. Read on to see our guide to the best spas and beauty salons in the Philadelphia region. From mud therapy to aromatherapy massages and hot stone therapies - there's something for everyone! Men represent 31% of those who go to spas - so don't forget about male-friendly scents like sandalwood or eucalyptus when marketing your services. Hydrotherapy treatments such as Hammam rituals or Watsu showers are becoming increasingly popular in hotel spas - so don't forget about them! Waxing and depilation may be painful - but they're still popular options in spas!If you're looking for an hour-long “Pinnacle Day of Pleasure” - both Bucks County locations of this popular spa and salon offer early morning and late night hours.

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