What Services Does a Medical Spa Offer?

Medical spas offer a variety of specialized treatments that are usually only found in dermatology or plastic surgery clinics. These treatments include light and laser treatments, injectables such as Juvederm, Restalyne and Botox, as well as chemical peels. Soft tissue fillers can last between six months and two years. CoolSculpting or Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical treatment that reduces fat by using controlled cooling to help eliminate areas of stubborn fat.

With more than 4 million treatments worldwide, CoolSculpting is the number one non-surgical fat reduction treatment. Laser hair removal is a process of using pulses of laser light to destroy the hair follicle. VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive liposuction technology that produces remarkable results in a single visit. It is tissue selective and protects surrounding tissue while specifically targeting fat.

Medical spas also offer thalassotherapy (sea water treatment), spa and wellness% 26 anti-aging programs within a luxury leisure complex by the sea. Non-surgical anti-aging treatments that were previously only done in a doctor's office can now be found in medical spas. The growth in the number of medical spas has slightly outpaced that of spas in general, although the increase in revenues has lagged behind the global total. Medical spas offer a unique and increasingly popular way to pamper your patients with the services they want.

Some are as elegant as the day spa you visited during your last vacation; others are decidedly more clinical. Recurring services allow affordable monthly payments and easy reminders of when it's time to follow up. Medical spas, sometimes referred to as medi-spas or medspas, seek to combine some medical procedures normally performed in the doctor's office with the experience of a day spa. Quality medical spas select products based on how well they work and customer feedback, not just because the product brand may be popular or associated with a larger medical company that offers volume discounts.

It is an advantage for you to seek a medical spa under the supervision of a board-certified plastic surgeon. During this procedure, a cooling solution is administered through an applicator to freeze the target fat area.

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